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2018. február 02. - bogar.mark


Sárréti Chilifarm opened its gates in 2012 as an exciting family business in the North- Eastern region of Hungary. The goals that have been set were finally came true in Tétlen with hardly 1500 inhabitants, in Hajdú-Bihar County. The Chilifarm does not only provide job opportunities for local residents, but is a unique example for every young entrepreneur as the Bogár family built up their business. According to the owner Márk Bogár, ”the family and the business are two separate sectors, even if they sometimes come together, never mix them.” Succes is, of course a family value, and without cooperation and each other’s support, succes could not have been achieved.


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 The young entrepreneur often refers with gratitude to his grandparents with whom he went regularly to the market as a child, or his parents, whose advice is still an important guide in the business today. The financial difficulties that occurred in the early days of Chilifarm were solved with the involvment of all members of the family, ranging from purchasing raw materials, market loading, and building of installations. In the first year of the company, 30 different peppers were found on the farm, which of course narrowed down over the years with more detailed knowledge of market demands. After the first year, the company started a new direction when, Márk Bogár became more active in the companys operations. The activation of youth meant exploiting the twenty first centuries communication opportunities in the life of the company, including social media sites and online blog editing. Of course, this is also paved with family traditions and councils. Some of the most prominent examples of growing media coverage are the presence of Chilifarm on Gastroangyal and the opportunity to make products for Ferenc Rákóczi's restaurant. In 2016 a more generational change in the business life occurred when Márk Bogár took over the control from his parents, not just in modern communication. Modernizing the farms facilities, applying innovative solutions and streamlining workflows are all part of family business endeavors.


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 Thanks to the innovations, there is an increasing demand and interest in the products, which are easiest to order from Chilifarms webshop. Chilifarm also communicates traditionally about the "Hungarian Chili". We have heard about their products on television and festivals recently. The company, among other things, came to the "sunshine city". In Szeged, one of the biggest chili festivals in the country they could stand on stage and present their products to the audience. "Our goal is to become the market leader in the country, and to build international relationships Chilifarm went beyond the national borders in 2016 and could also be present at the Autumn Fair of Székelyudvarhely, where a new approach to chili pepper production has also attracted the interest of local media. In addition to commercial goals, in-kind progress has been set as an important goal for the company.


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From the next year, they would like to cultivate in a hydroponic system, and thus to experience the differences between outdoor, foil and water crops. As an important part of modernization, a telephone application can be used to measure, monitor and store temperature, sunlight and humidity. All this can help make the business even more effective and healthier. The next milestone Primary information sources such as professional conferences, congresses and training courses are gaining ground in the world. This is what Chilifarm wants to follow, which, in addition to innovative solutions, plans to create a conference center. Furthermore enhancing of the brand, the farm would like to provide visitors with a rich experience and thus promote the development of the region. Within interactive entertainment programs, lectures on chili pepper cultivation, marketing tutorials, music events, stand-up shows and gastro shows await the visitors of the farm, thereby enriching the experience they bring with them. Sárréti Chilifarm, besides business success, does not forget about social engagement. The potential development of the region is an important task for the company, which works only with Hungarian products and buys raw material from producers. The farm is already a major employer for the region, and this direction continues to play a significant role in the companys life.

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